The list of applications for top-level domains is out. And it makes the web of the future sound, well, kind of boring. Wal-Mart is looking to control .walmart. JPMorgan Chase wants .jpmorgan. Apple has applied for .apple. Six companies, including Google, applied for .love. There are eleven applications for .inc, nine for .llc, and four for .llp. (It’s hard to imagine .llp really catching on as the next .com isn’t it?)

From the Bits Blog: Google proved to be one of the more ambitious applicants. It spent almost $18.7 million applying for more than 100 top-level domains, some expected, some not. Not surprisingly, the search giant wants .google, .youtube, .goog and .plus. It was the only applicant vying for .fly, .new and .eat. But it is going to have to fight Johnson & Johnson for .baby, Microsoft for .docs and .live, and Amazon for 17 top-level domains: .wow, .search, .shop, .drive, .free, .game, .mail, .map, .movie, .music, .play, .shop, .show, .spot, .store, .talk and .you.
So what’s the big winner going to be? Probably not .mrmuscle. Or .unicorn. Maybe .web, there are seven companies after that one.

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