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We got a lot of positive feedback on our two stories about servicemembers and their finances. Take a listen to the stories on the left side bar -- civilians can learn a few things from how military members and their families manage their money.

Also, we got a response to a response from last week's mail bag. Ed wood-jack suggested that perhaps people should be paid to pursue a philosophy degree.

Well we learned from listener Halley Trevas of Houston there was such a program in the U.S. The National Defense Education Act was signed in 1957 to provide education for students who will go on to teach humanities at the college level. Under the act, Talley's late husband got his Ph.D. and taught philosophy at a university. Unfortunately, that act was only in effect for four years.

And Liz Weston answered listeners' questions. We learn whether it's better for your credit score to pay off one or two cards entirely or to bring the debt down on several cards; if free, unbiased legal counseling is available, and how to deal when real estate, family and personal finance all mix. Take a listen to the audio to hear Liz's advice.

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