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This being America, lots of dreams usually revolve around success -- in life, in love and in money. But what about people who dream, quite literally, about money? Tess, oddly enough, doesn't dream about money, but senior producer Paddy Hirsch sometimes dreams of swimming in greenbacks and shiny gold coins, a la Scrooge McDuck. What does it all mean?

We talked to Dr. Michael Lennox, a psychologist and author of the book "Dream Sight: A Dictionary and Guide for Interpreting Any Dream." And we recently visited him in his den, otherwise known as his office, to get some insight into our financially focused dreams.

"First of all, money is energy," Lennox said. "It's a symbol itself, and it's the symbol of 'I have something to exchange for something that I desire.' And so we've put a lot of emphasis on money as sort of the prominent way we desire to experience our sense of energy, our sense of size, our sense of abundance."

Interestingly, he says dreams about money may not necessarily relate to your finances, but perhaps your desire for something else -- love perhaps? And dreams that don't have any money in them, but say food, may relate to your real-life finances.

Listen to the audio above to learn more about interpreting your dreams!

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