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John Carney from CNBC and Felix Salmon of Reuters wrap up the week with the latest headlines from Wall Street and beyond.

John Carney: This is really bad. I think this is probably the worst imaginable jobs report you could get at this point. The projections were way off; the actual number was way below even the lowest number coming out of the official economists who are always asked to project where the number would be. Even on Twitter -- which was enormously bearish this morning -- the consensus number was above where we came in.

Felix Salmon: I do [agree]. I know that it's fun to be contrarian and come up with silver linings -- and they can do that. If you look at the household report, which comes up with the unemployment figures, there was actually a little bit of good news in there about a large increase in the number of people looking for jobs, an increase in the labor force -- and actually an increase in employment, about 440,000 rather than just the official number of just 69,000. But frankly, this was a really, really bad report. Employers are not adding job, and the government really has to act. But unfortunately in an election year, they're not going to.

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