Question: I am getting married next year and would love a good book idea about combining finances with a spouse. We are also considering homeownership and I just read Jane Hodges' Rent vs. Own after hearing her on the show. Great read. Thanks so much for your wonderful insights every week! Nate, Cincinnati, OH 

Answer: Thanks for listening. One suggestion is For Richer, Not Poorer -- The Money Book for Couples. It's by financial educator Ruth Hayden. What I like about the book is how it deals with the nuts and bolts of merging finances, including setting up a household budget. 

My other suggestion is Jane Bryant Quinn's Smart and Simple Financial Strategies for Busy People. I would focus on the first few chapters, in which Quinn lays out a sound, simple way to manage money over a lifetime. She's right that financial complexity is the enemy of good money management.

Anybody else have a suggestion?


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