Most of us aren’t rushing out to buy Facebook stock tomorrow.  But the IPO could still change life as we know it, at least the-on-line friending-part-of-life as we know it.  So what’s the future of Facebook, once it has got stockholders all anxious to make money?  Some predictions.  These from Ben Elowitz, via All Things D:

1) Facebook will launch a purely social search by the end of 2012 (before tackling the whole hog in 2013).

2) Facebook starts selling things directly to us.  While the logistics will certainly be no piece of cake, commerce is right up Facebook’s alley.

3) And ads, ads and more ads.  With the numbers published quarterly and the prices reset every day, Facebook will be forced to support that share price (if not for the sake of its shareholders, then at least for its employees!) by expanding its advertising revenues.

So will Facebook turn into a massive jumble of ads?  Or will it use my personal data to find the perfect ad for me?  Or maybe, it will know me so well that it’ll just go ahead and order for me--anticipating my next desire?  

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