Over a decade and a half after the original Diablo came out, Diablo III was released yesterday. Too bad hardly anybody could play the demon-fighting role-playing game. A global flood of users trying access the servers that host the game left most people with an “error 37” message, telling them their connection failed. According to the Guardian: “The hashtag #error37 immediately began trending on Twitter, attracting a mix of furious complaints and ironic comments. "Man, Diablo 3 is super hard. I've been playing for 30 minutes and haven't even defeated the login screen," tweeted one gamer.”
I can still remember back to the good old days (Monday of this week and before), when people were talking about what a great job Activision was doing by pre-releasing the game - making it available to download but not play. Let your computer download the 7.3 GB that make up the game before its release date, so when 12:01 a.m. comes around and the locks come off the game, everybody can get to playing. Apperently this was a very popular option.