At Marketplace, we often think about ways to be cheeky. On the ReMarket podcast this week, we talk about what "cheeky" means.
At Marketplace, we often think about ways to be cheeky. On the ReMarket podcast this week, we talk about what "cheeky" means. - 
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This week on the ReMarket podcast: the unexpected.

You know you can always get the latest in financial news when you tune into Marketplace, but we offer so much more. We’ve interviewed filmmakers, playwrights, photographers and, yes, rap stars, about how they view their careers, their crafts and the economic world around them.

This week was a great example of this. Marketplace Money host Tess Vigeland interviewed former NFL linebacker Warren Sapp. Not about football, but about his filing for bankruptcy. It is not an easy conversation to have with someone, especially someone so much bigger than you. But I asked Tess about how she landed the coveted interview and got Mr. Sapp to open up.  

Next up, chef Charlie Trotter. The famed Chicago culinary master is closing his restaurant after more than two decades. Marketplace Morning Report's Jeremy Hobson wanted to know why, and Trotter offered some great advice: "Life's too short to just devote yourself to just a single thing."

Marketplace likes to surprise you in another ways as well. And sometimes that takes the shape of pure silliness. And yes, we do crack ourselves up a lot.

For example, when the news broke that Brad Pitt was going to be the new face of Chanel No. 5, we couldn’t stop joking about  it at our morning meeting. So what’s a news team to do with such fabulous fodder? Make up taglines for Brad’s new ads, of course. Some of you helped us out, too, with submissions on Twitter. It’s definitely worth a listen to see what we came up with.

And that's it. Thanks for listening, and tune in for another installment of ReMarket next week.

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