So you’re not into the whole “ultrabook” thing... how about a “sleekbook?” That’s what HP is apparently calling its version of the ultrabook/MacBook Air. All Things D reports that the sleekbook line of laptops will go under the name Envy Spectre and will be available in a couple different sizes and shapes. Also:

The new 14-inch Envy Sleekbook will ship on May 9 for $700; the 15.6-inch model is just $600 — less than half the price of some other Ultrabooks on the market, and significantly less than the starting price of $999 for Apple’s MacBook Air. Both come with the latest AMD processors, with optional discrete Intel graphics built in for heavy multimedia users.

For other companies about to get into the game of faster, thinner, lighter computers, let me offer a few names:
1. SuperFastBook
2. CrazyMachine
3. LightSpeeder
4. Large Hadron Collider
5. SleekUltraFastSmoothGuy