Nothing personal, Nevada, but you’re a little weird. You’ve provided a huge career for Carrot Top and Wayne Newton, you have a motel with a clown theme in Tonopah, and now you’re letting driverless cars loose on public streets. Yesterday, the state DMV announced it has approved Google’s application to test driverless cars on public streets. There are stipulations: the spookymoblies have to have two humans on board, including one in the driver’s seat. So now Nevadans will get to watch cars cruising around, making turns, changing lanes, while the driver just sits there like a corpse.

Fox News says the cars are safer than cars driven by us meatbags:

Self-driving vehicle technology works like auto-pilot to guide a car with little or no intervention from a human operator. Laser radar mounted on the roof and in the grill detects pedestrians, cyclists and other vehicles, creating a virtual buffer zone around the obstacles that the car then avoids.

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