The tipping point has been reached. Nielsen says that more people now have smartphones than have, well, we’ll just say it, stupid phones. 50.4 % of Americans are rockin’ the smarties (slang I just made up), which is up from 47.8% in December. Leading the way are women and minorities. Two thirds of Asian-Americans own smarties, and a greater percentage of African-Americans own smarties as compared to the general population. Women are at 50.9 percent smartie adoption, men just a smidge behind at 50.1. And two out of three adults between 25 and 34 tote the smartie.

On a related note, I would like to propose a universal adoption of “smartie” as a term for smartphone. “Smartphone” is only intermittently accepted as a word in various spell checks and “smartie” has a kind of fun, Alicia Silverstone in Clueless kind of vibe to it that I think we can all get behind.

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