Google announced a new feature for Hangouts, the Google+ video chat feature. Hangouts On Air will still let you chat with your buddies, but now you’ll have the choice to let the whole world in on your conversation. Google is opting for a slow roll out of the feature, because “launching millions of live stations takes some doing,” so it’s starting off with some big names like Conan O’Brien, Jamie Oliver, and town halls by Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. All Things D likens the program to public access TV for the Internet. Now, instead of just listening to that neighbor kid pound out guitar riffs with his “band” in the garage at the end of the street, you can experience all that sweaty angst on your computer screen by logging into his YouTube channel. Who knows, maybe he’ll take requests. So, after the seven minute versions of Louie Louie and Tequila, and honor your tune: 4:33 by John Cage.