Nintendo is having a rough go.  The company announced today its first lost in 30 years.  
According to The Guardian “Kyoto-based Nintendo, once the star of video games with franchises such as Pokemon and Super Mario, has seen its glory fade with the advent of smartphones that are wooing away casual gamers.”  Why shell out for a DS3 when you’ve got Angry Birds on your Android?  Or Fruit Ninja on your IPad?  And wait, is Zelda really a Princess?    

It doesn’t help that a lot of the game playing we do these days doesn’t happen in front of a TV.  From the NY Times: “In a report this month, Mr. Gibson of Macquarie pointed to a recent survey by MocoSpace, a Web site about mobile games. It asked 15,000 game players where they played; 53 percent said they played in bed, 41 percent in the living room, 72 percent commuting and 5 percent on the toilet.”  I’m not making this up.  

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