The Wall Street Journal has a fairly intuitive article pointing out that more people are forgetting their iPads and tablets on airplanes (stands to reason, more people with Ipads and all).  The tablets do also fit so snugly in the back-seat pockets, as if they’ve found a natural home.   “Airlines say they are warehousing hundreds of iPads and other tablet computers and e-readers left behind by travelers. Carriers try to reunite the devices with their owners but are often thwarted by the lack of ID tags, password protection and AppleInc.'s reluctance to track down owners based on serial numbers.”  

What I want to know is how, if you do forget one of these expensive doo-dads, you can go about getting it back.  What kind of ID’ing works for the airlines?  “Oh, mine’s the one with the inscription 'I love you' on the back.”  “Or, my screen has a picture of a really cute dog!”  “I’ve got Kindle, Gmail and a bunch of games on my front page.”  You’ve got to pity those lost and found people.  

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