It’s becoming the worst kept secret in the Googleverse and it may launch as soon as today. The Google Drive, Google’s looming cloud storage service, has already been widely rumored and the subject of an app that has been available, though linked to nothing. Now The Verge has come across a Google Doc support document that “now includes some helpful tips on transferring ownership of Google Docs to a new user, including advice on sending those to his or her ‘Google Drive on the web.’”
This comes at a time when the maximum storage for Google Docs has been bumped up to 5 gigs, from one, which many are taking as an indication that this will soon launch. While it’s a game of catch up for Google, given that Apple and Amazon and Microsoft all have cloud services available already, all the mega tech companies doing this might be a threat to Dropbox. And Google is something that is already on a lot of people’s web experiences every day as opposed to a site they have to intentionally visit.

Microsoft and Dropbox are updating their cloud storage devices, perhaps in anticipation of the Google Drive.

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