Comment: I don't have a question, just a comment on how our finances work. My wife and I agreed a long time ago we each need an allowance. We decided to take a percentage of our gross income as an allowance deposited to our personal checking account. The balance goes to the Joint account for all household bills and expenses. Should I want something Jayne would not approve as a 'joint' expense, I have my allowance to spend as I please. No questions asked. This has worked well for us as we agree that most household expenses are joint. We love your show and appreciate the financial advice. Keep up the good work. Gary, Milwaukee, WI

Answer: There are many ways people to manage their household finances. I always lean toward simple solutions. But there really isn’t any right or wrong. What matters is what works. 

Still, I posted your comment because I think the technique you and your wife use is simple and practical. The bulk of the money is pooled for the household, yet some money is available for individual choice. It’s a healthy approach. You're a family and individuals. Thanks for the thought. 

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