Sorry Beatles, but you can buy love.
Sorry Beatles, but you can buy love. - 

The song you're probably hearing the most right now -- as filing deadline approaches -- is the Beatles' "Taxman." Like most tax-related songs, the Beatles had a bone to pick about taxes -- specifically the "Super Tax."

The Robert Cray Band sings the "1040 Blues," but Cray assures that he still loves the U.S. (and California) too much to leave it. Johnny Cash laments the bracelet for his farm, fence for his farm, Pontiac and the shirt off his back that the I.R.S. took from him. Johnny Paycheck said "to hell with the I.R.S.," which probably didn't help him when the I.R.S. sued him for $100,000 in back taxes.

But there is one song that has an upbeat attitude about taxes, "I Paid My Income Tax Today." It's a perky beat about a citizen who paid his income taxes and and "never cared what Congress spent." Yeah, the government was behind this ditty to encourage citizens to pay the new-fangled income tax.

Here's Bob's playlist:
1. 1040 Blues by Robert Cray Band
2. I Paid My Income Tax Today by Gene Autry (written by Irving Berlin)
3. After Taxes by Johnny Cash
4. Me and the I.R.S. by Johnny Paycheck
5. This Isn't What The Governmeant by Bread