Question: I recall hearing about an intro book to wills and estate planning on one of the podcasts. Can you let me know the title or refer me to a good introductory book? I'm looking to put a will together soon for my new family. Thanks, Stacy, Norwalk, CT 

Answer: I'm glad you're pulling together a will for your family. A will is the foundation for all family financial planning. Let me tell you my favorite introduction into wills, sort of a will 101. It's in Jane Bryant Quinn's Making the Most of Your Money Now. It's a massive book that covers anything you want to know about personal finances. Well, the first section is on Building Your Base. In there she discusses wills and trusts, a terrific discussion of the topic, full of sound insight.  

A Will 101 series of articles online is at the AARP website: 10 Things You Should Know About Writing a Will. The articles are a solid review of the basics.

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