The end of "shaken, not stirred?" Reports are out that James Bond will sip a Heineken beer in the latest movie.
The end of "shaken, not stirred?" Reports are out that James Bond will sip a Heineken beer in the latest movie. - 
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Yahoo will cut 2,000 jobs, 14 percent of workforce, in cost-cutting move.

European Central Bank head Mario Draghi says a weak European economy has held back businesses from applying for loans despite the abundant cash made available by the central bank's massive amounts of cheap credit to lenders.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said on Wednesday that Americans can't let fear of future deficits stymie necessary government investment in projects that are needed to spur growth. Speaking to the Chicago Economic Club, Geithner tackled Republican opponents of the Obama administration who claim that spending is excessive.

Burger King is getting ready to go public again. The fast food giant said it plans to start selling shares again in a couple of month. BK has sold stock in the past but was taken private in 2010.

Monsanto says a strong and early U.S. seed selling season drove its fiscal second quarter net income up 19 percent. The U.S. agricultural giant raised its earnings outlook for the full year.

Some good news from the US economy... The private sector added 209,000 jobs in March according to payroll processing firm ADP. That is down from the 215,000 jobs added in February.

Yesterday the Federal Reserve signaled it might not pump more money into the U.S. economy. The possibility of a stop to stimulus in this country is being felt around the world today...

To Bond. James Bond. Now we all know what he likes to drink. Martini - shaken not stirred. Well maybe not anymore. According to Advertising Age... James Bond will be tossing back a Heineken in his next movie. Just hope he doesn't shake the Heineken - that would not be good.


Angry Birds – the wildly-popular video game is going to be made into a cartoon later this year. Or cartoon-ette. The show's episodes will only be 3 minutes long, they'll have no dialogue and consist of angry birds being catapulted into space. That idea's so compelling, there's a film deal too

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