This is my wife and I overlooking Boise, Idaho. Our lives for the past four years have been shaped by the beauties and difficulties of this wonderful city.My wife and I live in Boise, Idaho. The economy has been rough as long as we've lived here. We moved from Bismarck, ND, which has had one of the best economies during the Great Recession. We moved here in August 2008 for my Masters degree in Piano Performance at Boise State University.

I left a church music job in Bismarck which paid $28,000 to get my Masters. Kicking myself now. Last month I decided to try the Doctor of Musical Arts route again so I auditioned at the University of Utah. I'm still waiting to hear back. If accepted, we plan to move to Salt Lake City and strike out a new living. If not, we're going to try to make something work out in Bismarck, where all of our family lives. Boise doesn't seem to be improving, and we're dangerously close to the edge.