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iPad 3 Day approaches

John Moe Mar 5, 2012

Airports jammed with people rushing home to be with their families, iPad carols heard in all the malls, neighbors trying to outdo each other with iPad home decorations, children nestled all snug in their beds with visions of retina display screens dancing in their heads.
Yep, Wednesday is the day. And sure, there will be a lot of crazed hype about this thing, always is, but I think it’s at least partially defensible. Is iPad the most important object ever? No. But it is guiding personal computing right now in terms of how people are finding ways to live with a portable computer that is more than a phone.
Some of the dominant rumors we’re hearing heading into the announcement:
Retina display – the ultra-ultra-mega-turbo-high resolution screen that has been around since the iPhone 4 finally comes to the iPad. The promise of retina display is that it has a higher resolution than the average human eye can even perceive. So this instantly makes the iPad 3 pretty great for gaming and video.
Better camera – Supposedly the Trey will have a much better camera than the kind of mediocre throw-in that the Deuce had. I still don’t get why people would use an iPad to take pictures.
4G LTE – The data network-enabled iPads right now run on 3G networks. The new ones will supposedly run on the new souped up networks. Could make a difference streaming video over a data network, I guess. I still haven’t heard of a great deal of difference between 3G and LTE in terms of everyday usage.
No price change – There were some rumors floating around for a while there that the Trey would come in up to $80 more than the Deuce. Now there’s more rumors that this will not be the case.
Thicker – It will allegedly be thicker. Cause on account of it has more stuff in it.

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