Comedian Marc Maron on the Limbaugh controversy

Marketplace Contributor Mar 5, 2012

Bob Moon: One of the other places Pro Flowers advertises is comedian Marc Maron’s “WTF” podcast. He’s on the line with us to give us his take on the sponsor bailout. And Marc, I’m just going to assume that the “WTF” in your podcast name is short for “where the fun is,” huh?

Marc Maron: That’s absolutely right. Good call on that. That’s the NPR version, sure.

Moon: So what do you make of this news that Rush Limbaugh is going to be losing his Pro Flowers sponsorship?

Maron: It’s fascinating, the power of a boycott and that people are confusing this, I think ideologically so, with a free-speech issue. But this is really a market value issue.

Moon: So you’re someone who benefits from a Pro Flowers sponsorship, right?

Maron: Yes Pro Flowers is one of the larger terrestrial advertisers that is starting to diversify a little bit into podcasting and we’re thrilled with that. In the last couple of days, I have received emails asking me what I’m going to do in relation to this Rush situation. Of course, it’s a difficult… I’ve been worried about this for two days because I’ve been thinking to myself we just started to do this business and it just started to work out. So for the past couple of days I’ve been sending emails that say, well, with us they’re really a seasonal and holiday sponsor, so why don’t we just see what happens? So on this morning I’m very relieved, Bob.

Moon: You say you got contact from listeners who say maybe you should join this contact. Any concerns about the effect on free speech that sponsors might wield?

Maron: Well look, there’s going to be consequences. You can say whatever you want and that’s a beautiful thing. But sometimes you’re going to be called out — whether it’s by the marketplace or by a group of individuals. Say whatever and then you might get yourself in a position where some entity or some group is going to go: ‘Wait a minute, explain yourself.’

Moon: Comedian Marc Maron, thanks for your take on this.

Maron: You’re welcome. Great talking to you.

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