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The Chief Justice John Marshall Silver Dollar was unveiled May 4, 2005 at the Supreme Court Upper Great Hall in Washington, D.C. Some Senators would like dollar coins to replace dollar bills completely. - 

All morning long we've been asking for your opinion on coins vs. bills. And in today's Mid-Day Extra, we're going to read a few your responses.

First up: the problem with coins, when it comes to tips.

Michele Alexander wrote, "I don't need the weight of coin in my purse, pockets, etc. -- bad for the back."

Another big concern about coins we heard: they fall out of your pocket.

Kenneth DuPuis commented, "Not that I use cash very much, but there's nothing like sitting on a sofa in Europe and having eight euros end up under the cushion."

Plus, the coins are noisy.

Maureen Franklin says she's all for the dollar bill, because "thieves cannot hear paper in my pocket!"

But of course, not everyone is a coin hater.

Alberto Zuniga writes, "Coins! Absolutely. It is kind of ridiculous that we haven't made the switch yet. Are we in some sort of competition to be the last industrialized nation to use a dollar bill?"

And one more opinion from Linda Chenoweth Harlow: "Neither one stays in my wallet long enough to matter."

So what do you think? Should we "change" how we do money here in the U.S.?

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