Matt Schley

Tokyo, Japan

This restaurant in Takadanobaba, Tokyo, is the site of what was, until last year, Ben's Cafe, a coffee shop, restaurant and former hang-out for Tokyo's expat community. Ben's, reportedly one the first "gaijin" (foreigner)-owned cafes in Tokyo...

Shel Horowitz

Hadley, Ma.

This picture starts on the left with a small piece of my house - a 1743 antique farmhouse that is the oldest house in the neighborhood and the third-oldest in the whole town. It has a nice view of the main buildings of the farm we live on (my neighbors raise 400 cows)

Julia Dietz

Baltimore, Md.

This photo shows a vantage point towards Baltimore's harbor. From behind, is a busy thoroughfare that connects neighborhoods along the harbor. Looking towards the harbor, there is a promenade that also connects neighborhoods with a more scenic route.

Robert Pleau

Mountain View, Ca.

The houses in the picture were built around 1971. They are modest and show that the area is affluent enough to be well maintained. The new houses going up are generally twice the size of the '70's houses.

Judy Krassowski

Derry, N.H.

This is typical - we are a family in transition and this is our living room. Almost four years after having to sell our home, we continue to live in and out of boxes as my sons move in and back from college.

Joneen Nielsen

West Bradenton, Fl.

This is my home. My grandmother bought it new in 1954. I mortgaged to pay for Mom's medical expenses, then unable to sell once I got in over my head. Was one week away from foreclosure sale, and managed to pull back house from the brink.

Joanna Zaremba

Colorado Springs, Co.

The main reason we moved to Colorado was because of the mountains. Before we moved to Colorado Springs, we didn't realize how close the mountains are to the city. This photo is from Bear Creek Regional Park at sunset last fall.

Jayme Bates

Cedar Rapids, Ia.

The house in the foreground was damaged by the June 13, 2008 Cedar River Flood crest in Cedar Rapids. It is one of the last remaining houses waiting to be demolished.

Bart Bird

San Antonio, Tx.

This is the last day of Winter, and the bluebonnets are in full bloom in front of my house. When I die, this will be one of the images I hope flashes in front of my eyes.

Alex Marquez

Foster City, Ca.

Suburbia at it's best. Close enough to San Francisco. It has a different feeling to be around water. It's relaxing and inspiring.

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