Robots are finding things you've lost. EMIEW2 from Japan is about 3.5 feet tall, has a face like Hello Kitty, and can scan a room for lost objects, like a watch or TV remote. However, you can't buy EMIEW2 yet so you're stuck on channel 4.

Robots are also helping fish. Turns out fish are kind of stupid and easily tricked into following a robot fish like the one being developed at NYU. The idea is to eventually use it to lead schools away from oil spills and other dangers.

And, because why not, robots are performing the theme to James Bond. You're hearing it now. It's a swarm of quadrotors, like helicopters but more blades, and they're autonomous, programmed not controlled. They fly over strings, keyboards, and drums. OK, it's not great, but among robots, these guys are Jimi Hendrix.

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