I’ll admit my bias upfront. Whenever I see a generation of people characterized using only a letter, I get prohibitively dubious. People are people, you know, and have disparate interests and tendencies. But I’ll report the news here even while I ridicule it,
Nielsen is out with a new report on people and how online they are. I read about the report online, where evidently my letter of generation (X) spends a lot of time.

From USA Today:

- The Internet generation is living up to its billing. Those ages 18-34, dubbed "Generation C" by Nielsen because they are constantly connected, make up 23% of the U.S. population but account for 39% of smartphone owners and 33% of tablet owners.

- Generation X slightly nudges out the younger Gen C netizens on social networks, blogs and online video. Those ages 35-49 make up 28% of social networks and blog visitors and online video watchers, while the 18-34 age group comes in next, making up 27%.

Also, men and women are 50-50 on smartphone ownership, men own slightly more tablets, and women spend more time on social networks.

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