Or so some speculation might lead you to believe. Twilio is a cloud communications platform and it has a new software developers kit available to app makers. The kit lets an app run Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls out of any app.

GigaOm says:

This should help give rise to even more VoIP apps that can offer free or cheap Wi-Fi calling and even replace traditional phones. But it can also can help transform existing apps that want to add voice interactivity.

GigaOm interviewed Twilio product manager Thomas Schiavone:

Schiavone said the SDK could be used in gaming apps to help competing players communicate in real time or through voice messages. Or a commerce company could use it to add customer service support to their shopping apps. Perhaps, a developer could build a social phone connected to Facebook and Twitter that allows people to just dial using names. A call center could just arm its workers with an app and an iPad to handle calls. Twilio Client for iOS offers support for presence detection and also has tap-to-call features within apps that can feed information to CRM, advertising or analytic partners.

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