George Harrison’s son, Dhani, inherited a pretty cool collection of guitars from his Beatle-dad, and now, so did you (kind of). The younger Harrison is releasing an app for iPads today that showcases, in great detail, seven of his dad’s guitars. 360 degree, detailed pictures of the instruments accompany audio clips of the quiet Beatle talking about playing the guitars and how he acquired them. The app also features clips of songs on which the instruments were used. For the Beatle-maniac or guitar geek, the app’s $9.99 price tag is a drop in the bucket.

Speaking with the New York Times, Dhani Harrison says, “Paintings should be in museums and should be able to be seen. Instruments should have to be played every once in a while. Otherwise they’ll perish.” He plans to update the app with more of his father’s guitars, and he’s thinking about stepping outside the Fab-Four box and giving the same app treatment to Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Pete Townshend, and Angus Young. Rock on!