Research In Motion, the company that makes BlackBerrys and PlayBook tablets, has released a new operating system for PlayBook. It’s the first new release since the company’s co-CEOs stepped down and I’m sure a lot of folks over at the company are really hoping that the new OS finally gives PlayBook a kick in the pants so it can start recovering from dismal sales and go on to compete against other tablets in the market.

But RIM is behind. How far behind? Dig this: with the new OS, PlayBook can now do e-mail. E-MAIL! I’m sure you could get to your Gmail account through the browser before but now there’s a dedicated e-mail client. PlayBook launched almost a year ago. Amazing. Also: Calendaring. Same thing. If you have a tablet, the idea is to carry it around with you but before today you couldn’t really e-mail or calendar.

In other RIM news, the company has recently acquired Crystal Pepsi, Men Without Hats, and the Mondale campaign.

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