Folded into yesterday’s proposed $3.8 trillion budget was $27.1 billion piece of pie for the Department of Justice. Dig a little deeper, and you’ll find that the Obama Administration is asking for $5 million to invest in intellectual property crimes. According to the proposal, $5 million will net around 14 new employees, nine of whom will be attorneys. And if Congress approves, that means this anti-piracy division, I’ll call them Law & Order ISP, will have a total of 34 people. Keep in mind, when the Administration asked for $3 million last year, it was denied. With failed legislation in both Houses (SOPA/PIPA) and pressure to act coming from the entertainment industry, maybe Congress will act differently this time around.

But let’s go back a second... 34 people! That means there are only 20 on staff now. Those are the 20 people who, in between raids on vendors selling faux Fendi bags, found time to bring down Megaupload.