Groupon is on the ropes.  The online coupon giant lost money in the forth quarter (tho its growth is pretty amazing--revenue grew 419% last year to 1.6 billion)  It's also come under criticism for offering completely irrelevant deals to customers (much as I would love to take a “pumping iron” class at the local gym...).  To keep growing revenues, Groupon is going to have to offer people deals they might actually want.  It’s solution?  A “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” button (NOTE: THIS IS NOT A LIKE BUTTON, IT IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT AND ANY RESEMBLANCE TO A LIKE BUTTON IS PURELY COINCIDENTAL).

Groupon CEO Andrew Mason told Bloomberg the site rolled out the button for testing last week.  It will roll it out nationally (to the site's 33 million users) in a few weeks. Using that information, Groupon can also use those responses to start better tailoring its pitches to individual users.  This means, I will now start getting Groupons for yoga classes, pickling classes in Brooklyn and other things a huge public radio cliche like myself would want to buy...(though maybe I should start pumping iron... those pickle jar lids can be sticky!)

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