The foreclosure settlement only applies to homeowners whose loans were serviced by Ally/GMAC, Bank of America , Citi Group, JP Morgan Chase and Well Fargo. (Your loan servicer is the company you write your monthly mortgage check to.) The banks are expected to contact current and former homeowners who are eligible for settlment help directly, in the next six to nine months. But, if you have questions, you may want to contact your lender.

The settlement does not cover people in Oklahoma, because the state didn't sign on to the settlement.  Instead, Oklahoma made it's made its own deal.  The settlement also doesn't cover loans owned by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac (and this is a lot of us; Freddie and Fannie own the majority of mortgages in this country). If you don't know who owns your loan, Fannie and Freddie both have loan look-up sites:

If you are concerned the group handling the settlement may not be able to find you—you should contact your State Attorneys General. A full listing of offices, addresses, phone numbers and, websites is available here on the National Mortgage Settlement page.

The National Mortgage Settlement site has additional information on the settlement if you're still clamoring for more. 

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