Yeah, it’s really not cool to care about Windows anymore (if it ever was). Google, Facebook, Apple, Pinterest… really, anything but Windows. But let’s face it: Bill Gates’s baby still makes the world go ‘round, and the company has just set a firm date for the unveiling of the next big iteration: Mobile World Congress, February 29. (Leap Year -- c’mon, that’s cool, right? Right?)

We really ought work up some more passion for Windows, don't you think? After all, none of us has to use Facebook, Twitter, or even (gasp!) an iPhone if we don’t want to. Windows? Not so much -- we're chained to it at the office, PCs are still often cheaper than Macs, and personally (my own humble opinion) many of us bred on Windows find a lot to love (yeah, I even liked Vista -- sue me). And now that Microsoft evidently thinks it’s going to be a neat idea to make your office desktop behave a lot like your Smartphone (and they're getting rid of the Start button... oh, my) perhaps we should pay attention.

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