Yesterday links to a Google site called “Solve For X” started popping up. There was a short, animated video that used phrases like “moon-shot thinking” and asked viewers to re-define “x” as a challenge to use radical thinking and technology, instead of a solution to an insurmountable problem. Whaaa?

Now more news has dripped out, and it looks like Solve for X  is going to be a series of TED-like talks. More news from the site reveals that all Solve for X talks should 1) highlight a huge problem 2) show a concrete solution that could make a radical impact 3) explain breakthrough science and technology that could enable this solution.

If you’re the type of person who likes to see and hear big minds turn out even bigger ideas, Google is sponsoring Solve for X events. While the secret was still under wraps, the first event was last week, February 1-3, where “fifty scientists, entrepreneurs and innovators from around the world came together to discuss and debate radical solutions to some really big problems.” Don’t feel bad if you missed out. Videos of the event will be up soon.