While we’re on the subject of Samsung, and of the Super Bowl for that matter, Samsung is going to run a huge ad during the Super Bowl. It’ll be 90 seconds long, directed by Bobby Farrelly (Dumb and Dumber, There’s Something About Mary), and it will be all about the Galaxy Note. Samsung is hyping the heck out of this and saying it will be a product that changes everything you ever thought you knew about everything and yada yada. Whatever. Maybe it is.

The Galaxy Note is bigger than your average phone and smaller than your average tablet and it’s a device. Runs Android, works on 4G LTE networks, front and rear facing cameras, 1080p resolution. Mows the lawn, drives the kids to school.

I saw some of these at CES in Las Vegas and it is kind of cool. Whether the world really NEEDS a big plank-like phone or a tablet you can make calls from, well, we’ll see.

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