If you're using the PC to PC sharing software, PC Anywhere, stop. Now. That's what Symantec, the company that makes the software, is told people to do in a letter released yesterday. Symantec has discovered that the source code for the software was stolen way back in 2006.

According to Sophos:

The theft came to light when an Indian hacking group calling itself the Lords of Dharmaraja threatened to publish the source code.

The code has been posted for other people to download, manipulate, and corrupt. And as Symantec warns, unsuspecting users can be exposed to "man in the middle" attacks, where hackers lurk and monitor your computer without you knowing, just waiting for you to jot down a password or credit card number. Of course my first thought was MOTHER! We'll have to figure out a new way for her to log into her "Ladies of The View" chat room so she can continue championing the ideals of Ms. Barbara Walters.