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Rumor has it: Xbox and iPhone

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The next Xbox – It’s been nearly seven years since the Xbox 360 came out. That’s not just a long time in video game years, it’s a long time no matter what. That was before the Wii even came out and we know a new version of the Wii has already been announced. Now we’re starting to see some rumors of the next generation of Xbox (colloquially but not officially referred to as the Xbox 720). Kotaku is saying that it will have a Blu-Ray player and feature a next generation version of the Kinect motion sensing controller. What will that mean? I can’t even begin to imagine.

Also, a rumor that it WON’T play used games. So that means you wouldn’t even really be buying a game, you would just buy a license to play the game. The mind boggles at this. But it also more closely follows the long-standing stingy Microsoft software licensing model. Still, if this is true, people are going to be furious.

The next iPhone – Some rumors that 9 to 5 Mac say are coming from the Foxconn plant in China say that the iPhone 5 is on the way this summer. It will be called the iPhone 5 and have a larger screen and be generally longer and wider (more like Android phones) than previous models.


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