Remember in The Office when Jim became the co-manager along with Michael? Everyone knew it was doomed to fail. Oscar sarcastically noted, “Where would the Catholic church be without the two popes?”
And so Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis, who had been serving as co-CEOs of Research In Motion co-resigned on Sunday night as company COO Thorsten Heins rose to be CEO all by himself. Obviously, RIM has been cratering in terms of market share as BlackBerry has failed to capture the user imagination in a way that iPhone or Android has. There have been plenty of takeover rumors over the past few months, most recently Samsung, but there are denials all around and nothing appears imminent.
But it would appear there is a drastic change needed. “I don’t think there is a drastic change needed,” said Heins. Well, good luck with that, Heins.
Heins also said he has not plans to split the hardware and software business so there will be no Android powered BlackBerry.

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