Today, fashion PR firm, KCD Worldwide, is expected to announce a new way for the fashion-obsessed to get their fix of what’s haute without breaking a heel running from one runway show to the next. While not exactly new, streaming shows and highly-detailed pictures of outfits are something the fashion world has yet to embrace. Part of the problem may be exclusivity. Let’s face it, do you think you would ever see Anna Wintour shopping at Walmart? Doubtful. Which is why she probably wouldn’t watch the same live streaming fashion show, just like everybody else. KCD says it will provide passwords for each event, so now Ms. Wintour can keep her exclusivity in check. Phew! Let’s all take a moment to use our Burberry kerchiefs and blot the sweat from our brows.
For the rest of us schlubs, and I’m talking to you schlubs who purposely un-tuck your shirt, the new platform promises to provide YouTube clips of the shows. It’s not quite front row on the catwalk, but you’ll be plenty prepped for the next season.