Want to get a reading on how unpopular SOPA has become? Just check in with the group of Republican candidates in South Carolina who are all trying to get people to like them ahead of that state’s primary. At last night’s debate, every single candidate said they opposed the bill.

From Politico:

Speaker Newt Gingrich said the bill would "totally mess up the Internet."

While he noted that remedies exist for companies to seek damages when their music, movies and other digital documents are stolen, Gingrich said he opposed efforts to have "the government censor the Internet on behalf" of a company or interest.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney agreed. He said SOPA is "far too expansive, far too threatening to freedom," though he added that Washington needs to pursue offshore sites that peddle infringing goods.

Rick Santorum also opposed the bill and Ron Paul reaffirmed his long-held opposition.


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