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Confessions of a data addict

Jennifer Collins Jan 20, 2012

Jeremy Hobson: AT&T Wireless is raising prices this weekend on mobile data plans. That’s something that is because of — and will affect — all of us data-junkies.

Marketplace’s Jennifer Collins reports.

Jennifer Collins: My name is Jennifer Collins. And I have a problem with data. There’s a new app, I want it. The hot new post on YouTube? I’ve gotta watch it. Thousands of emails a month? You try not responding.

Tech analyst Laura Didio says I’ve got a lot of company. 

Laura Didio: We’ve gotten addicted to using more and more data and applications.

And that’s mucking up the wireless works. So AT&T is raising rates on three of its plans about $5 a month. The company is offering more data for your money, but there are still caps.

Fran Caulfield is with Insight Research.

Fran Caulfield: Putting limits on the heavy users is a way to stop that flood of traffic of traffic.

But how are we supposed to limit ourselves when every day brings more opportunities to download and connect? Again, Laura Didio.

Didio: I don’t see the public’s appetite for more and more data diminishing any time soon.

She says companies will just need to boost their ability to keep up with us.

Downloading that “12 Step” app now, I’m Jennifer Collins for Marketplace.

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