Maybe game show host Chuck Woolery can help Dish Network make a love connection. It seems the company is looking high and low to join forces with a mate. And according to the Verge, Dish isn’t too picky: “Speculation is rampant over the future of Dish Network, and CEO Joseph Clayton is saying that the company is ‘open to all possible options’ — whether that be acquiring a company, or being acquired.” If perspective suitors want to come-a-courtin’, however, they should know there’s a pretty big dowry involved. Dish owns a nice chunk of highly-desirable spectrum, something the likes of AT&T would love to get its hands on and desperately needs to build up its LTE network. The same spectrum would do nicely if Dish wants to partner with T-Mobile, which has wanted to exit the wireless game for a while now. Chalk this up as another step closer to all businesses being one big rubber band ball. I see a DishT&T TV making video calls, while streaming a ComcastHuluWarner-flix movie.