Reviewing the week's headlines on Wall Street.
Reviewing the week's headlines on Wall Street. - 

Leigh Gallagher and Cardiff Garcia discuss the latest European downgrade and whether the U.S. is going into recovery.

What the downgrade of France means:

Leigh Gallagher: It means a lot more when we're talking about Europe because this is just so much bigger and it's not going anywhere. We've known that for months -- in December, S&P actually put all these countries on warning, so we've really been on guard for this. But even so, today really did have a feel of a Black Friday.

On Wall Street's tepid response:

Cardiff Garcia: I don't think it went haywire for a number of reasons, but the one thing is that I don't think Wall Street was that shocked by it. We had some sense that it was coming. I also don't know that the impact is going to be so bad -- it is only one credit rating agency. It might complicate things a little further -- France is one of the countries that also guarantees the European bailout facility. So it's just one more thing.

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