The Church of Kopimism has just been granted official religious status in Sweden. The focus: file sharing. The church uses “CTRL+C” and “CTRL+V” as iconography.

TorrentFreak reports:

Philosophy student Isak Gerson is such a religious file-sharer, and in an attempt to protect his unique belief system he founded The Missionary Church of Kopimism in 2010. In the hope that they could help prevent persecution for their beliefs, the Church then filed a request to be officially accepted by the authorities.

After two failed attempts, where the Church was asked to formalize its way of praying or meditation, the authorities finally recognized the organization as an official religion. The Church’s founder is ecstatic about this news, and hopes that it will motivate more people to come forward as ‘Kopimists’.

Of course professing your faith and being a Kopimist isn’t going to get you out of copyright jail, but Gerson hopes that religious status will come into play when future copyright laws are being discussed in Sweden.

Find out if you’re a Kopimist.