2011 was a year full of things that were hard to predict. What can we expect from the year ahead?
2011 was a year full of things that were hard to predict. What can we expect from the year ahead? - 
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Spain's new government today unveiled new reform measures to cut the budget there, including another freeze of public sector wages. The country says its deficit is higher than originally thought. Spain is grappling with high-unemployment and big time debt.

Also in Spain today, inflation eased more than expected. In December, prices there rose at their lowest rate in over a year. China's slowing a little too, at least manufacturing.

Well it's time to get the resolutions ready and chill the champagne, New Year's Eve is almost here. The top destination this year, according to Priceline.com, is none other than New York City.

Have you ever forgotten your change at airport security? You know, you pull a couple quarters out of your pocket and in the awkward rush to put on your shoes back on, while people watch, you forget your change.. You aren't alone. In 2010, the total amount of change left at checkpoints was $376,480.39 cents. Currently, the TSA gets to keep that money for operating expenses. But Florida Representative Jeff Miller wants to change that. According to the LA Times, he's proposed new legislation that'd send the money over to the USO -- for programs to support the military. Which might make me feel a little better about forgetting those quarters.

Crows have been inundating the skies of Iowa City. And causing big headaches below for shoppers and business owners at an outdoor mall. So the city's doing something about the fowl problem. Nothing elaborate; nothing high-tech. Just a bunch of yellow balloons. The city's putting those balloons in the trees at the shopping center. They'll have red and black markings for eyes simulating what the crows would think were the big eyes of owls or other predatory birds.

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