1220 miami
Models walk the runway in Miami. The city was recently found to be the vainest in America, according to Living Social data. - 

A new survey by Living Social has tried to figure out which parts of the country are the most vain.

To get the results, they asked residents of a number of cities questions about their own attractiveness, the attractiveness of their neighbors... and the frequency of cosmetic surgery in their hometown.

And the winner is: Miami!

In today's Mid-day Extra, we ask: what does vanity do for a city's economy?

Here to speak with us was Jane Wooldridge, business editor for the Miami Herald. She says that there is certainly an element of the population that spends big bucks on everything from shoes to cars, and they know they look good in them. But even the more budget conscious in the city like to make an impression... and all that shopping does wonders for the local economy.

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