U.S. District Judge Ellen Huvelle has delayed a pair of lawsuits against AT&T from Sprint and from C-Spire. She’s the same judge who delayed the Justice Department’s suit against AT&T, all these suits meant to block the proposed takeover of T-Mobile. As with the DOJ suit, Huvelle ruled that there’s no point in going to trial against the plan as it stands since AT&T is in the process of rethinking what exactly it wants to do.

Meanwhile, Dish Network is the rebound boyfriend in this scenario. Dish CEO Joseph Clayton said in an interview that if the deal falls apart, Dish will seek to partner up with T-Mobile. Dish owns some spectrum which could improve the pairing’s prospects. They could either be partners or merge into one big entity. So if you had Dish Network and T-Mobile on your Media Consolidation Bingo scorecard, you may be a winner!


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