And it’s all courtesy of the Grandpa Company (proposed new name for Microsoft) (not because it's elderly, just that it's been around for a long time and is now sort of generous). Maybe you’ll get a crisp new five dollar bill in your birthday card too. Some hard candy. Microsoft’s Sky Drive program used to be limited to Windows Phone owners but now they’ve opened it up to iPhoners with 25gb of free storage when you sign up for an account. You could see this as a concession on the part of Grandpa that not a lot of people want Windows Phones so it needs to reach out to other platforms, OR you could see this as a pretty shrewd move that indicates the era of limiting something to one platform is just short-sighted. If I, an iPhone user, use Sky Drive and like it, I’m more likely to buy more things from Grandpa. Like that old bicycle in the garage or his collection of Tommy Dorsey albums.


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