At The Freedom Online Conference yesterday in the Netherlands, Hilary Clinton told an audience that Internet freedom a “human right.“ CNN reports: “The right to religious freedom, assembly or political activism, she said, should extend to all human beings ‘whether they choose to exercise them in a city square or an Internet chat room.’” That sentiment is at the crux of the Global Online Freedom Act, a revised version of which was just introduced by Rep. Chris Smith (R - N.J.). The bill aims to stop the export of spying technologies like those that have recently turned up in Syria, Egypt, and Libya, among others.

The Wall Street Journal Reports: “Under the bill, companies listed on U.S. stock exchanges also would be required to disclose to the Securities and Exchange Commission their internal policies on human rights, including what they would do if a repressive regime asked for users' personally identifiable information.” The bill has strong support from human rights advocates, but it’s still a long way from a vote.