Facebook bug reveals founder's personal photos.
Facebook bug reveals founder's personal photos. - 

Look, Facebook is such a huge operation that we just all need to accept that there will be bugs from time to time and, because there is so much sharing on the network, there will be privacy bugs as well. There will be crime on the streets, there will be bugs on Facebook. But the one that was made public yesterday was especially embarrassing for Big Face because it led to the leaking of Mark Zuckerberg’s personal photos online.

Business Insider explains how it works:

-          Pick someone whose photos you want to view

-          Report the person's profile photo as inappropriate

-          Give nudity or pornography as the reason for it being inappropriate

-          Check "Help us take action by selecting additional photos to include with your report"

-          Right click any other image from the person's profile and open it in a new tab to view the full image

Those Zuck photos got Facebook’s attention and they shut off the sharing feature involved. They say they’ll turn it on once this is debugged.

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